SunPrima Retractable Glass Roof System is a high-tech product, designed for insulating your living area from adverse weather conditions and serves comfortable and peaceful room independent of seasons.


Retractable Glass Roof  is being composed of sliding modules that move over each other and park under the fixed part.
•With only one push of a button, the system can be opened up to %75 in seconds. The opening rate is optional due to user preference.
•Optional remote or button control systems.
•Glazing options:
Safety – Insulated & Thermal twin Glass;
(6 mm Temperable Solar Control Low E Glass +16 mm Cavity + (4+4) mm Laminated Glass)
•System profiles are T 6060 Aluminum alloy and shall be finished with electrostatically applied thermosetting powder coat to a thickness of 60 – 80 microns.


Retractable Glass Roof
•Creates functional, peaceful lounges independent of seasons.
•Looks “Esthetic”. Adapts to buildings like an original component that is masterly designed as in the initial stage of the project.
•While keeping the personnel safety and comfort in peace, the system keeps adverse environmental conditions outside of your lounge and allows natural daylight in.

Areas Of Use

Retractable Glass Roof
•All kinds of hospitality suites, commercial terrace and garden enclosures (restaurants, cafes, lobbies, etc.)
•Winter garden roofs and residential terraces
•Pool Enclosures
•Shopping Center & Mall
•Ventilation Rooms (smoking rooms etc.)

Retractable Glass Roof  can be opened in nice weather and closed in bad weather. Perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Retractable Glass Roof

Retractable Glass Roof

Retractable Glass Roof  saves space and frees up floor space when enclosure is not in use and increased productivity.